Godzilla: Singular Point

Updated: Apr 21

A Spoiler-Free Review

First off, I don’t watch a lot of Anime. It’s not that I dislike the style, but I was introduced to it a little later in life and it just isn't my preferred medium. However, I am also a huge Godzilla fan, so I happily sat down for Netflix's Godzilla: Singular Point with very few expectations.

This 13 episode balances deep dives into theoretical physics with goofy mechanics building the silliest Gundam mech I’ve ever seen, surprisingly well. I did struggle to get through the initial three or four episodes, however the hook that really got me comes around episode five when the themes started to emerge. At the back-end of the series, the pace picks up nicely, and the arcs of the main characters really pay off satisfyingly!

But what about Godzilla!? Like many versions of the monster, it is less of an active antagonist and more of a force of nature. Something many American audiences may not be familiar with, but is personally my favorite way of depicting the beast. It's not out to hunt humans or even other Kaiju. Godzilla just is.

What I really like about the story is its themes. How humanity deals with Godzilla is particularly interesting, especially compared to another recent Godzilla release: Shin Godzilla. I think how they’ve spun evolution (a common theme with Godzilla) into the human side of the story is both fascinating and very well done.

The more I think about this show the more I enjoy it. It has a slow start and is overall pretty dense; but the characters, the fights, and a killer score make this show really shine! I definitely recommend this to people who like to use their brains (I'm no physicist but I was able to follow what they were throwing at me) or are just Amine fans. I do believe they could have condensed this into ten episodes and fixed the pacing, but ultimately I don't think it hurts the show much.


  • Animation (especially the fight scenes)

  • Creature Design

  • Plot/Themes

  • Score


  • Pacing (especially the first third)

  • Secondary characters are VERY one note

  • Some of the physics stuff could have been simplified

Rating: Fanboy Worthy

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