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As I sit here on the eve of the launch of V1 Interactive’s first game Disintegration, I’m nervously excited. I’m excited that tomorrow I’ll be able to hop into proper Multiplayer action with four friends and dominate the skies. But I’m nervous that many other people will fail to give this gem the time and attention it deserves. After playing through the campaign I can tell you that Disintegration is a fantastic lead-off for the team over at V1. As a kid, I grew up playing RTS games like Age of Empires on my dinky little PC until my parents gave me permission to buy an Xbox. And like every other Xbox player, I was hooked on Halo. What I love so much about Disintegration is how it marries those two experiences so well. Unlike most games these days (and I could use that phrase for almost any part of the game) Disintegration doesn’t offer you a lot of choices. You can upgrade yourself and your crew’s abilities, but each level gives you a loadout you have to stick to. This actually works we