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Burn by Patrick Ness

  Burn by Patrick Ness is a novel set in the 50s in a world where dragons exist as part of society. Except that only lower-class people consult with them, and they are neglected as part of the world. Except to a cult of dragon worshippers who believe in a prophecy that the end of the world will begin in Frome, Washington. Sarah Dewhurst and her father live on a farm in Frome, Washington. They are down on their luck and hire a “blue” through a friend. Blue dragons are smaller in stature but incredibly intelligent where reds are larger and more threatening. Meanwhile, Malcolm grew up in a dragon worshipping cult and is tasked with murdering a girl in Washington to prevent the end of the world. This book has it all. So much so, that I don’t think it knows what it wants to be. It’s fantasy, it’s alternate history, it’s even science fiction to an extent. The story itself makes sense, there are no unanswered questions really and it plays with the idea of prophecy interpretation which is coo