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Star Wars The High Republic : The Rising Storm by Cavan Scott

  The Star Wars High Republic printing initiative is back with the second installment in their adult novel series. Following the events of “The Light of the Jedi”, the Jedi are establishing their outposts on the planets in the Outer and Mid Rim. Chancellor Soh is planning her Republic Fair for the entire galaxy. In the meantime, the Nihil are planning their next steps to destabilize the republic and remind the galaxy that the Nihil is a force to be reckoned with. The Jedi in this story are being assigned to outposts prior to the arrival of the Nihil. In this story, the Jedi are more like the western version of the marshal. They patrol and make sure that the galaxy remains in order and that the people of the republic are safe. This creates a unique western sci-fI feel in the world of Star Wars that I welcome and would love to read more of it. I also love the idea of the Nihil and their storm-based organization. It’s a great concept introduced in “The Light of the Jedi” that continues t

A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik

  The Harry Potter blueprint still is something that is attempted to be emulated to this day. A Deadly Education is another novel that tries to take this formula and flip it on it’s head. That is about as close as it gets to Harry Potter though, in idea alone. The premise here is The Scholomance is a school for Dark Wizards. The school is filled with monsters that feed off of the student's magic. So essentially, the monsters hunt the students and can live in any crevice, door, or closet all over the campus. It creates this weird dynamic where the students are constantly fighting monsters or trying to find ways to protect themselves from being ambushed. Our main character El is a character with a prophecy that she is going to destroy the world and everyone in it with dark magic called malia. Then there is the second character, Orion Lake who is the dark wizard who is actually a good guy and works his hardest to not let students get killed by the monsters. El and Lake have a very YA